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Providing world class sales and management training to individuals and companies across the country
We work with both individual and corporate clients across the country to provide training solutions for the toughest parts of their jobs so they can become masters of their craft and help drive their business forward. Here are few things our training helps our clients with: 

👉 Revenue increase of 30% within 90 days
👉 Higher profit margins
👉 Increased customer satisfaction scores
👉 Improved retention of new hires
👉 Stronger, more unified culture
👉 More engaged, more empowered staff

Explore our various training solutions below to find the best fit for you or your team. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are interested in a customized solution please contact us at contact@grantcardone.ca or call us directly at 604-492-5100. 
Training Solutions
School of The 1% Training
Two part webinar series on keys to being successful in today's marketplace
10X Leadership Bootcamp
2-day live training event for business owners, executives & managers.
10X Sales Arsenal
The Ultimate Training Package that includes audios, ebooks & webinars.
Ultimate 10X Package
10X every area of your life with this package that lets you expand in every area
Powerful e-book that provides the foundation on handling objections. 
Rebuttal Manual E-Book
Comprehensive e-book that provides objection handlings for any scenario 
Blueprint Workbook
Cardone Canada CEO, Corrie George's ultimate vision building workbook.
Cardone Academy
The most comprehensive online sales training platform available today
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