Here's What You're Gonna Get:
  • The 50+ page Secrets to Closing Workbook (Value $49)
  • 20 Rules of Closing E-Book (Value $39)  
  • ​10 Mistakes That Kill Your Deals E-Book (Value $39)
  • ​The Closer's Survival Guide Audiobook (Value $39)
  • Full access to the recording of this training (Value $39) 

Total Value: $205

85% Discount - Save $176! 


This is devastating material and is directly responsible for my ability to reach my sales goals. Knowing the 4 categories all objections fall into, the urgency secret and the unspoken objection material alone is killer. Having this book on my phone and at my desk helps me to refer to it daily! Robert

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Training to Help You Close More Deals, Hold More Profit & Grow Your Business

This training will teach you: 

  • The 9 words to NEVER to use in the close
  • The 7 requirements for closing a sale 
  • The 4 main objections in the close and how to handle them
  • ​How to handle price objections without sacrificing profit
  • ​The best questions to ask to close more deals
  • ​The #1 question to ask to build trust instantly with a prospect
  • ​The one thing you must do when closing deals
  • ​How to cut your selling time in half with one question 
  • ​To become the best closer in your space!

Here's a recap of everything you're going to get: 

Secrets to Closing Workbook

  • 50+ page workbook that covers all areas of becoming a master closer
  • Includes the strategy and the tactics behind closing more deals
  • ​Specific closes included 
  • Learn how to handle price objections in the close without giving up profit

20 Rules of Closing E-Book

  • The most important rules to utilize when closing deals
  • ​Become a better closer with these simple principles
  • ​Learn to be more in control of the process 
  • Improve your confidence when it comes to the close. 

10 Mistakes That Kill Your Deals E-Book

  • Avoid these common sales mistakes so you can become a better salesperson
  • ​Simple and applicable teachings you can apply to your sales game today
  • ​Transform your sales and closing game
  • ​Learn from somebody's else mistakes and profit from them

Closer's Survival Guide Audiobook

  • Grant Cardone's most lethal closing material
  • ​Includes over 100 unique ways to close a deal
  • ​Hear directly from Grant on how to close more deals
  • One of the best books there is on becoming a closing machine!

Secrets to Closing Webinar Recording

  • Get FULL access to the recording of the training
  • Re-study the material to get the most from it 
  • Use your workbook to follow along with the training 
  • ​Refer to the training any time you need help with follow-up
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