Are you or your team capable of producing more but it just isn't happening?

"Learn how to become the highest producing salesperson in your industry with expert proven strategies that WORK!"


This training will show, teach & instruct you on: 
  • How to use the #1 follow-up technique to close more deals
  • ​Why most salespeople miss 80% of their deals and what to do about it
  • ​The most expensive mistake in sales and how to correct it
  • ​The #1 rule of selling and using it to get more business
  • Why salespeople are disengaged and how to fix it
  • ​The missing piece for sales people and how to use it for higher closing percentages
  • Key closing strategies that can help you close more deals today! 
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Here's a recap of everything you're going to get: 

Sales Workshop Video Training

  • Full access to the complete 2+ hour sales workshop training event
  • ​The workshop included a full presentation on sales fundamentals
  • Learn from the role play and drilling sessions of others 
  • ​Rewatch and study the material any time you have a sales related quession

10X Sales Workshop Workbook

  • Comprehensive 10X Sales Workshop Workbook 
  • ​Includes some of Grant Cardone's most important sales techniques
  • Covers major sales topics like greeting, fact finding, agreement, presentation, objection handling and closing
  • Take notes from the video and refer back to the material at any time


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